Palm Bunch Ash
Palm Bunch Ash

Palm Bunch Ash (K2O)

Spesification :

  • Available : Granule

  • Granule : 2-4mm/ 2-5mm

  • Packing : PP PE 10 Kg/ 20 Kg/ 25 Kg/ 50 Kg 

  • Jumbo Bag : 500 Kg/ 1000 Kg/ 1250 Kg

  • Color : Dark Black

Palm Bunch Ash has been known to be an excellent source of organic potash fertilizer. Potassium (K2O) also known as Potash, is necessary for the plant. Sweetness measured by the sugars is dependent upon K2O. Potassium helps increase stalk strength and promotes strong buds.
Application of Bunch Ash significantly improved the soil pH as compared to other K fertilizer sources. Due to the pH increases the effect, higher yield and leaf The responses were obtained from Bunch Ash application as compared to the equivalent K applied as MOP (Muriate Of Potash) and SOP (Sulfate Of Potash). It also gives the lowest cost of production in order to achieve the highest gross returns, the gross margin as well as the ROI value, to the higher yield obtained and the relatively lower cost of Bunch Ash fertilizer.

Benefits of Palm Bunch Ash:

• Increase stress resistance

• Increases fertilizer efficiency and fertilizer chelation

• Improve soil structure

• Enhances yield and quality of crops, vegetables, and fruits

• Promote cell division and increase metabolism

• Stimulate root growth in cuttings and transplants

• Promote the bud to bloom

• Accelerate the formation of soil aggregate structure to ensure that the soil has good ventilation

• Reduces disease, improve yield

• Vegetables and fruits: 1200kgs to 1800kgs per acre
• Fruit trees: 1kg to 5 kg per tree (As appropriate increase or decrease)
• Food crops and tobacco, flowers. 600kgs to 1200kgs per acre.
• Onion ginger garlic. 1200kgs to 1800kgs per acre.